Fine Water Contest

The international TASTE & DESIGN AWARDS 2021 competition organized by The Fine Water Society and held in Bled, Slovenia, declared its winners.

Among the participants from all over the world, AUR’A Sparkling stood out.Fine Water Contest 1.
Recognized worldwide for their professionalism and experience, Michael Mascha, Niko Huber, Milin Patel, Jeanette Fili, Elena Berg, the five international water sommeliers who made up the jury, awarded Aur'a a well deserved silver place in the carbonated medium category. We received the award with much joy and gratefulness, like every award we have received over time. Behind every award received there is a lot of work, passion and determination.

The Sparkling AUR’A is ready to delight the most discerning tastes. Suitable for every season, ideal for the summer, intense and pleasant, Sparkling Aur’a makes a remarkable impression from the first sip.

Throught it’s balanced taste and refreshing sensation, AUR’A is a real source of good energy, a reliable partner at every meal table or a wonderful choice for anyone who wants something really special.