Aur'a Sparkling Water

Aur’a Natural Gold Water is different because of its uniqueness. Is a pure water, which people enjoy for centuries, but its uniqueness is given by the natural presence of gold and silver colloids, which brings countless health benefits.

Gold has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties and is a natural antibacterial with vital antioxidant properties.

Silver is a natural antiseptic that effectively kills bacteria and facilitates the body's detoxification. It has regenerating and anti-aging properties, it is energizing and it is an excellent antioxidant that stimulates the body's vital force.

Aur’a Sparkling Water is offered in 0,33 L (11,16 FL OZ) and 0,75 L (25,40 FL OZ) glass bottle.

Aur'a Sparkling in Glass Water 1.

The key advantages of Aur'a Sparkling Water

Aur'a Sparkling in Glass Water 2.


Aur'a water originates in a pristine, unpolluted mountain region.

Aur'a Sparkling in Glass Water 3.

Health Promoting

Rejuvenating, anti-ageing and regenerative properties. Powerful antioxidant.

Aur'a Sparkling in Glass Water 4.

Energy Source

Optimum electrolyte content enhances body vitality.

Aur'a Sparkling in Glass Water 1.

Glass bottle packaging offers many advantages:

  • Hygienic container;
  • Ecological and environmentally friendly;
  • 100% recyclable glass with 80% of the glass recovered being reused;
  • Bottled in compliance with the SGS’ IFS Food Certification quality and safety standards;
  • Reducing the risk of pollution;
  • A sophisticated look with extremely clear water;
  • Zero chemical migration from the bottle (BPA free).

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