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Aur'a Bag in Box

Special Home & Office Product

Aur’a Natural Gold Water, internationally recognized for its unique properties, is launching on the US market its latest product. Aur’a Bag in Box is a modern product employing cutting edge, environmentally-friendly bottling technology.

Included in the ‘Premium’ category, the new 5L (169 FL OZ) Bag in Box product is sealed in a revolutionary package aimed at reducing the risk of pollution. Moreover, Aur’a Bag in Box has a design that includes a faucet and a carrying handle. The design team made use of a unique multilayer technology which preserves the original taste of spring water and also blocks oxygen and light infiltration. The new design also allows the water to be easily transported home or to the office.

Aur'a Bag in Box 1.

The key advantages of Bag in Box for water

Aur'a Bag in Box 2.


For kids and even senior people, as there is no need to use strength to lift the bottle each time.

Aur'a Bag in Box 3.

Hassle-free packaging

Kids can easily serve themselves without spillage by using a dispenser.

Aur'a Bag in Box 4.

Easy to store

Can be kept directly on the kitchen table or in the fridge for the whole family to enjoy.

Aur'a Bag in Box 1.

The Bag in Box packaging offers you many advantages:

  • Hygienic container
  • Ecological and environmentally friendly
  • Convenience of use thanks to its dispenser tap
  • Reduced storage space
  • Light-weight for better handling
  • One-hand pouring
  • (Can be) Dispensed directly from the fridge
  • Keeps the water cooler for longer
  • No exposure to sunlight

Same benefits in bag in box container for Aura Natural Gold Water Enthusiast

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