Superior Taste Award 2021

For six years in a row, the month of June represents for AUR’A the month of the year when our efforts and continuous work is recognized, applauded and awarded.   Aur’a Natural Gold Water is rewarded every June for its special concept, unique taste and high quality. Every year, the month of June brings the well-deserved recognition and the three gold stars award that add value to an exceptional product. Even if the last two editions of the International Taste Institute Galas were canceled due to the pandemics, we are left with beautiful memories from the previous years. Next year, our 7th year in a row to participate at this event we really hope to be able to be there in person.

Superior Taste Award 2021 1.
Even though we didn't have the ceremony in person in Brussels this past June, we enjoyed the award we received, the 2021 medal and the three gold stars just as much. This is a recognition we are very proud of. Every moment like this amplifies our wish to continue our journey and share this miracle water with the whole wide world.