The legends of Gold Mountain 1.

Aur’a is not a made up story. It’s not a fictional character in a mythical fairy-tale. Aur’a does not need any marketing cliché or a superimposed image… you feel its energy, you feel its femininity.

Yet “AUR’A” is not just a name. “Aur” comes from the Latin word “aurum” which signifies “gold” and the “A” stands for “argentum”, the latin word for “silver” – both vital nanoparticles present in every drop of Aur’a Natural Gold Water.

Aur’a is a feminine name and the most important element it stands: the woman, who, same as Aur’a, is life giving. Then we have masculine elements, the sun and the king, which exudes supremacy, strength and endurance.

A true natural alkaline water, Aur’a springs from deep within the mountain and its place of collection is “glued” to the slope. From here it reaches the bottling line only a few meters away and then straight into the bottle.

The legends of Gold Mountain 2.

The water does not suffer any transformation, being only passed through particle filters. The content is 100% natural and we do nothing but make sure it reaches the bottle intact.

The water emerges to the surface in a region called “Gold Hawk Mountain” where since Roman times men have harvested rare precious metal ore. The underwater basin is located in an area dressed in endless and vibrant oak, beech and birch woods, arranged as some precious royal robes covering the shoulders of brave soldiers. Away from any potential contamination sources, Aur’a is love at first taste.

Alkaline water has the amazing ability to neutralize and liquefy acidic waste from our bodies and is a source of health and well-being. It has antioxidant qualities that protect cells against the harmful effects of free radicals, energizes, hydrates, regulates, and improves our vitality. A water containing gold and silver colloids has regenerating and anti-aging properties. As a testament, at Ocna de Fier (spring source), life expectancy is very high, over 90 years.

The lack of nitrates and nitrates gives Aur’a the status of non-hazardous water. The absence of organic matter eliminates yet another question mark about the safety of consumption, because something that does not exist cannot cause harm. Water is a living entity. Masaro Emoto has developed an entire theory on this subject and has shown that water lives, is an always changing
dynamic energy.

“Aur’a is an exceptional water whose value you see on the outside and feel on the inside”


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